NCLL Homeschool Center Membership Options

$35.00 for the 1st year
$50.00 each year thereafter

I have submitted my Membership Registration; now what?

Upon submitting your Membership Registration, you can expect the following sequence of events to occur:


Why Join?

When you join, you gain peace of mind that NCLL attorneys:

  • Can address any ongoing or current legal compliance questions or concerns.
  • Are available for consultation in the event that you have a homeschooling legal emergency.
  • Will litigate your case on a pro bono (no cost to you) basis if we determine that the issues involved will advance the liberty of homeschooling, religious or church liberty, or the sanctity of life in America.
  • Will offer free legal advice if you or your family member has been subject to religious discrimination at work
  • Can provide legal guidance after a car accident. One of our attorneys will explain how to protect your rights after of the accident and we will refer you, if needed, to one our trusted attorney affiliates.

You are also a part of the NCLL which:

  • Hosts the largest homeschool conventions across the country.
  • Serves as your eyes and ears in Washington, D.C.
  • Offers legal seminars to pastors and churches.

*Membership in our Homeschool Center is not a guarantee of legal assistance. We reserve the right to accept or deny cases based on whether we believe the liberty of homeschooling or homeschoolers is at risk. In some cases, we will refer homeschool families to outside or affiliate attorneys, and the costs involved in such a referral are not covered by the NCLL Homeschool Center membership fee.